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Even before the dawn of an Independent India

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As the 73rd anniversary of Independence dawns on us, we want to aid you in utilizing freedom rightly as the citizens of Free India.


The Hindu's August 15, 1947 issue

From its birth as a weekly in September 1878, The Hindu became a powerful instrument of the Indian national movement that sought to overthrow British rule. It was hence fitting that when freedom dawned, The Hindu welcomed it with characteristic aplomb, deep thought, and skillful penmanship.

The Hindu's edition on August 15, 1947, along with a 32-page supplement, was a tribute to the freedom struggle, with articles by some of the greatest names of that age including V.K. Krishna Menon, India's first woman legislator Muthulakshmi Reddi, and the great educationist K.M. Munshi. It also carried striking images of the arrival of Independence, and riveting news from that tempestuous time.

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