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You hold the controls! Follow the topics, regions, and authors that interest you.


Your personal space! We give you a one-stop-shop for seeing the latest updates, and managing your preferences.


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Frequently Asked questions

1. What is Digital Subscription and how much does it cost?

A digital subscription to The Hindu will provide you access to an advertisement-free version of its website along with premium features such as personalised article recommendations, quick briefings on the day’s news, ability to bookmark articles for later reading, and more.

Please note: The Hindu’s current digital subscription packages do not cover our Android, iPhone and iPad mobile applications, and e-paper.

We will be introducing this feature to the mobile apps soon. If you are already registered with us, we will send an update to you via e-mail/ push notifications

There are 3 Subscription plans:

  • Monthly Subscription Plan - Rs.99*/-
  • Yearly Subscription Plan - Rs.499*/-
  • 2 Years Subscription Plan - Rs.899*/-
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2. Is e-paper a part of my Digital Subscription?

Our Digital subscription plans do not include the e-paper. To subscribe to our e-paper, please visit https://epaper.thehindu.com

3. Why should I subscribe to the Hindu?

As a free user, your reading experience is limited and is not personalised to your preferences.

By subscribing, you can avail yourself of the following features:

  • Personalised Dashboard:

    You choose what you want to see. This feature allows you to set the topics on which you want to see alerts and updates.

  • Advertisement-free reading experience

    No annoying images moving in over your reading area, no pop-ups breaking your reading experience. Enjoy the experience of pure news.

  • Personalised recommendation

    We give you articles that really matter to you, and which you enjoy reading.

  • Bookmarks:

    Save articles to be read later at your convenience. You will be able to see the articles you have saved on your dashboard.

  • Briefings:

    Stay up to date on news without the tediousness of visiting multiple pages. We give you a short briefing on the most important news three times a day -- morning, afternoon, and evening.

    You can also experience these features during the 30-day free-trial period that you get when you become a registered user.

  • 4. How do I become a registered user?

    Sign up for free! If you are a new user, who has never had an account registered with us using your e-mail address or mobile number, you will need to sign up with The Hindu Group first. The process will ask you to provide and verify your e-mail address or mobile number using an OTP. Once it is verified, you can set your password. Congratulations! You are now a registered THG user.

    Only registered users will be able to subscribe to The Hindu

    Please note that a registered user will have access to the advertisement-free version of the website and premium features for a limited period only. To gain complete access, please subscribe to one of our plans

    5. How do I subscribe?

    You can subscribe to the premium services after you have signed up with us. (If you choose to subscribe before your free trial ends, your paid subscription will begin when the free-trial period ends.)

    Clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button anywhere on the site will take you to the Subscription Plans page.

    Once you subscribe, you will be entitled to a bonus 30 days free trial

    Clicking ‘Subscribe’ in the Sign in/ Sign up landing page will also take you to the Subscription plans page.

    In the Subscription Plans page

    Step 1: Select a suitable plan.

    Step 2: You will be redirected to a page with plan and price details.

    Step 3: You can then proceed to make payment or leave.

    Step 4: Once you choose to proceed with the payment, you will be taken to the payment gateway page. You can select the mode of payment and filling any required fields, you can click ‘Pay Now’. You will now be taken to the Payment Gateway to complete the transaction.

    Step 5: After the payment is done, you will receive an SMS or e-mail from us on whether your transaction has succeeded or failed. In case of a failed transaction, a message will appear letting you know that the transaction has failed along with the options to ‘Try Again’ and ‘Try Later’. If you click on ‘Try Again’, you can go back to the payment page to try again.

    If you get a ‘Payment Success’ screen at the end of the process, you are now a subscribed user.

    6. What is the validity for my free trial? How can I continue availing premium features after my free trial?

    You will be eligible for a one-time free trial as soon as you sign up. The free trial is valid for 30 days.

    7. Can my subscription be automatically renewed?

    No, your subscription will not be auto renewed. Once your subscription expires, you would need to revisit the Subscriptions Plan page and select a plan.

    Before your subscription expires, we will alert you via SMS or e-mail and share an update on your dashboard, so that you’re kept informed about this.

    You have complete control over your subscription and can contact us at customersupport@thehindu.co.in to change or cancel at any time.

    8. I don't want to subscribe. Can I still read thehindu.com for free?

    Yes, visitors will have free access to articles along with advertisements, but without the premium features such as personalised dashboard and briefings. If you have not already subscribed, or tried out our free trial, we urge you to give it a go.

    9. Are these subscription features available on The Hindu mobile apps?

    No, as of now you would not be able to access these features on the mobile apps. We will be rolling out premium features on the apps shortly. Please note that as a subscribed user, you will have full access once this is rolled out for the apps. You will not have to pay anything extra to experience our premium features on the apps.

    10. How are digital subscriptions billed?

    As a digital subscriber, you can pay via debit or credit card, net banking, e-wallet, UPI.

    View The Hindu Terms and Conditions

    11. Can I get a refund on my subscriptions?

    No. We do not have an option for a refund once payments are made.

    All users are eligible to a free trial for 30 days. This is a one-time benefit that users get when signing up with us for the first time.

    12. Can I use either my mobile number or my e-mail address to login?

    Yes. If you have registered either your mobile number or your e-mail address with us, you can use either of them to log in to your account.

    13. Can I register multiple mobile numbers and e-mail addresses?

    No. Your e-mail address and mobile number are your unique identifiers. For the safekeeping of your account and to share better recommendations, we only allow one e-mail and one mobile number per subscriber.

    14. Where can I set my preferences?

    To set your preferences, log in using your registered account and go to Preferences.

    15. How do I change my digital subscription plan? What happens if I chose to change my current plan?

    To change the plan, please go to the Subscriptions Plan page. If you subscribe to a new plan while another plan is active, the new plan will take effect from the day your current plan expires.

    16. I have made the payment, but my plan is not active

    If your payment has gone through but you’re still unable to activate your plan, send us an email with the following details:

    • Transaction ID
    • Transaction amount
    • Plan Name
    • Your Registered ID
    • Date of transaction
    • Your Bank Name
    • Mode of transaction (Debit Card, Credit Card, e-Wallet)

    Please send these details to customersupport@thehindu.co.in

    17. I am unable to get an OTP

    An OTP (One Time Password) can sometimes get delayed due to network issues. Kindly wait for five minutes for this to reach you on your device.

    If you are still unable to get an OTP, you can write to us on customersupport@thehindu.co.in and we will get back to you right away.

    18. My transaction failed. Why is the amount refunded by the bank lesser than the amount I paid?

    For a failed transaction, the amount refunded by the bank will not include the GST collected.

    19. Why am I seeing the subscription prices in dollars?

    The prices for subscribers outside India are different and are in U.S. dollars

    Have more questions?

    For other queries, please write to customersupport@thehindu.co.in